April 09th, 2013
Harburger Anzeigen und Nachrichten, 30.01.2013
"Finnish author Mikko Rimmine's 'Red Nose Day' is a novel about loneliness and about finding the courage to liberate oneself from it. A work of wonderful humanity and humour."

Claudia Chwialkowski, Stader Tageblatt, 04.02.2013
"The underlying idea behind 'Red Nose Day' is refreshingly different and quirky … which is a characteristic of both Rimminen the author, and of his writing style."

Bielefelder Illustrierte, Februar 2013
"A charming, witty, strange, and above all a very human, compassionate novel."

Katharina Granzin, die tageszeitung, 26.01.2013
"In his prize-winning third novel, Finnish author Mikko Rimminen tells the story of a woman who confronts the perils of loneliness with inventiveness and resolute optimism … Rimminen's tale pieces together an affectionate cabinet of curiosities which draws parallels to the film world of Aki Kaurismäki."

Susann Fleischer, literaturmarkt.info, 21.01.2013
"This book is a literary jewel, providing exciting and amusing entertainment that will move its readers to both laughter and tears. 'Red Nose Day' is a breathtaking emotional rollercoaster … which captivates the reader right up to the last page."

Mareike Ilsemann, WDR 5, Bücher, 12.01.2013
"Mikko Rimminen's 'Red Nose Day' is an ode to the normal, everyday people from the Helsinki region … He manages to combine comedy with melancholy and humanity in such a way that one almost feels as if in a Kaurismäki film. A heart-warming Finnish novel that won Rimminen the 2010 Finlandia Literature Prize."

Stefan Sprang, hr1-Buchtipp , 02.01.2013
"Without resorting to emotional theatrics, Rimminen depicts a cast of characters who live on the less sunny side of life. And with great empathy and charm, he describes what can be achieved with a little compassion and solidarity. All in all an often moving, genuinely delightful book ..."

Maxi, Februar 2013
"The heroine of this novel will immediately win the hearts of its readers ..."

Christian Döring
"The author describes the desperate struggle of a woman to find friends … a quiet book, but one with great depth."

February 15th, 2011
Red Nose Day by Mikko Rimminen was presented to the film producers at Books at Berlinale event today. The interest for the Scandinavian humor is enormous and Red Nose Day got lots of attention from the international film producers.

The novel is character driven story about Irma who feels lonely and starts seeking friends in a very peculiar way. Red Nose Day is like Aki Kaurismäki going hilarious and Irma is a Kaurismäki-kind of woman: a lonely, working-class underdog. An outsider in the society, a person who we do not take notice of when we pass her on the streets. Mikko Rimminen – just as Aki Kaurismäki does – combines dry comedy with warm-hearted humanism. He doesn’t laugh at his characters but feels great compassion for them. The reader finds the persons very peculiar and cannot help herself from laughing to the scenes Mikko Rimminen builds up. The comedy of Mikko Rimminen gets its fuel from the characters that take themselves seriously trying to solve the problems they are facing – failing repeatedly.

Mikko Rimminen is a master of describing the details of everyday occasions. His narrative style is minimalistic and focused on the details of the embarrassing social dialogue Irma finds herself. Despite the minimalistic approach, Rimminen describes in detail the traffic in Helsinki, wall clocks on the flats Irma visits, the way of cooking, the details of a telephone conversation – all this narrated as the inner world of Irma. Mikko Rimminen is the master of language. He started his career as a poet and uses special narrative tricks even in his prose. He calls his writing style for “blattering” and is famous for the new words he creates.

Mikko Rimminen won the prestigious Finlandia-prize with the novel Red Nose Day. The end scene of the novel is, despite the hard-times underdog Irma faces, touching in its nearly heart-breaking positivity: Christmas is coming, it’s snowing for the first time, grey Helsinki turns to white. Irma has found a friend, Mr. Virtanen, an underdog him too. The friendship is suddenly possible.

As one of the literary critics puts it: “If you begin to feel cynical or the world appears cold or overly logical, go and read this book!”

Picture: Agent Kristoffersson preparing for the pitch.

February 09th, 2011
On February 15, international producers will for the sixth time have the opportunity to discover new literary material for screen adaptations at the Berlinale Co-Production Market. Ten selected novels will be presented during the moderated pitching event called “Breakfast & Books”. Afterwards, during breakfast, producers will be able to talk directly and informally with the rights holders, i.e. international publishers and literary agents representing the selected material.

The Red Nose Day by Mikko Rimminen is the only Scandinavian novel chosen to be presented on the event this year.

December 02nd, 2010
Mikko Rimminen, represented by Stilton Literary Agency in Finland, has today won the prestigious Finlandia Prize for his third novel Red Nose Day (Nenäpäivä). The prize is worth 30 000 Euros.

Mikko Rimminen (1975), one of the most acknowledged young voices in the Finnish literature, started his writing career with two volumes of poetry. He made his breakthrough with the novel Park Life (Pussikaljaromaani) that was nominated for the Finlandia Prize and was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti literary prize – a prize for young authors. Mikko Rimminen’s novel Red Nose Day was published in October this year.

November 11th, 2010
Stilton authors Alexandra Salmela and Mikko Rimminen are nominated for the Finlandia Prize. Four other authors are in the short list and the winner will be announced 2nd of December.

Alexandra Salmelas debut novel 27 or Death Makes an Artist is a comedy about Angie who turns 27 and is anxious that she may not become a famous artist and die at the peak of her career like her idols Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix; before her 28th birthday.

Mikko Rimminen's third novel, Red Nose Day, tells the story of Irma. She lives in a blue collar district of Helsinki on her own, and yearns for human contact. In order to find friendship, Irma ends up ringing strangers’ doorbells in her own neighbourhood, and in the nearby town of Kerava, pretending to be conducting surveys on behalf of a financial research establishment.
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