Zombie Revolution
November 01st, 2009
By Tiina Kristoffersson (Stilton Finland)

Publishing world is in the middle of a digital revolution. It’ not like a Russian revolution; aggressive and happening almost over night. It is an industrial revolution, which forces all the actors to search for new ways of working. Sara Lloyd at Pan Macmillan talked about the revolution in Frankfurt at Tools of Change-seminar: “We are going to need to run integrated print and digital businesses for some time to come, but, like business owners and workers in the industrial revolution, we are going to have to adapt to our emerging environment, develop new skills, employ new people, understand how to use new tools, move the location of our businesses (in this case from offline to online) and figure out how to deal with the monopolies of some of the technological and supply chain innovators.”
(Read more: http://thedigitalist.net/?p=714)

As I am quite an impatient person, I really get inspired by the people who take the first concrete steps into the new world instead of sitting by their desks wondering how the future may look like. Sara Lloyd is one of those persons, no doubt, but I’ve also found other revolutionists here in Scandinavia. Mackan Andersson is an author who has just launched his short story collection Ur djupet for free in the Internet under the Creative Commons licence. It is a book about zombies and other horror creatures. If you are happy with the book you can donate 29 SEK to Mackan by sending an sms “darkness donate” to 72500 (works only in Sweden, I assume). If you’re unhappy with it, you are free to edit as you wish and make it better. Fancy, isn’t it!

Wanna read Ur djupet (in Swedish)?

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