Viktor Kärppä on TV
February 06th, 2011
A tv-series based on a novels by crime fiction author Matti Rönkä starts today in Finland to great reviews. The main character, former KGB-agent Viktor Kärppä, is an Ingriam immigrant who was born and raised up in Soviet and later moved to Finland to start a new life as an honest business man. Unfortunately he cannot leave his past behind him. Instead he ends up in all kinds of strange situations when looking after his fellowimmigrants’affairs and conducting business on the fringes of the black market.

The books of Rönkä have been acknowledged especially for their humoristic language that contains a sharp societal point of view. Rönkä was awarded with the Finnish crime novel prize in 2006 as well as the German prize for crime fiction (Deutscher Krimi Preis) in 2008. Furthermore, Rönkä was awarded the Glass Key Award (Glasnyckel) in 2007.

See the trailer where the author himself talks about his main character Viktor Kärppä: