Two Stilton authors nominated for Tulenkantaja prize
February 15th, 2016
Six authors have been nominated for this year’s Tulenkantaja export prize. The prize was founded by the Aamulehti newspaper and the Tulenkantajat book store, and is worth 10,000€ this year. The nominees include two authors represented by Stilton: Selja Ahava for her novel Things that fall from the Sky and Iida Rauma for her novel About Sex and Mathematics. The nomination board’s justifications:

Selja Ahava: Things that fall from the Sky
“The novel is about coincidences that change the direction of people’s lives from joy to sorrow, from ​happiness to loss or from normality to inco​mprehensible ​wealth. One of the narrators of the novel is a child whose mother dies suddenly. Ahava describes the child’s sorrow, longing and love in an impressive fashion, avoiding sentimentality. The novel showcases the absurdity and arbitrariness of life, but also its continuity. The tale the mother tells will forever ​remain unfinished, but in addition to sorrow, the unsolved tale symbolises hope.”

Iida Rauma: About Sex and Mathematics
“The narrator of the novel aims to calculate and plan everything in her life, but is unable to control her body. The loss of control experienced by the narrator recurs in the setting descriptions. The novel describes an environment that people have tried to control, but the destruction of which can no longer be stopped. Rauma describes the distinctiveness and
diversity of human beings in a refreshing way. The novel chains the reader to the book with its first sentence, which is one of the most startling ones of this literary year.”