Trap by Marko Leino nominated for the Glass Key Award
April 08th, 2011
Crime fiction novel Trap (orig. Ansa) by Marko Leino is nominated for the prestigious Scandinavian Glass Key Award. The award is given for the 20. time this year for the best Scandinavian crime fiction novel. Among the earlier winners are e.g. Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, Johan Theorin, Karin Alvtegen and Matti Rönkä.

Trap paints a grim picture of the murky world of the organised drug industry, which has tentacles from Russia through to Europe. Marko Leino spins a clever and captivating story, which includes worn down police, lowlifes of the criminal world, and crime barons. This game knows no mercy, and there are plenty who will chase after easy money. Someone will always pay the price, either with his own life, or with that of a loved one. The insignificant bit-players end up kneeling on a warehouse floor, waiting for the gun shot that will end it all. The dreams of instant riches turn into instant death, but the unpaid bills still need paying. They simply get transferred to the next generation.

Marko Leino (b. 1967) is considered to be the “Gold Finger” of the Finnish film industry. The biggest Finnish box office hits of recent years were based on his scripts. Leino is a very versatile writer. As well as his detective stories, Leino has written children’s books, plays, novels and poetry. His first book, a collection of short stories called Man’s Work (1999), was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti prize for young authors.

The other Glass Key nominated crime fiction novels are Chris Tvedt: Dødens sirkel (Norway), Leif G. W. Persson: Den döende detektiven (Sweden), Susanne Staun: Døderummet (Denmark). The Icelandic nomination is not yet made official.