Tor Eystein Øverås «Our foremost critic and essayist of today»
November 19th, 2012
Stilton-author Tor Eystein Øverås and his book I DETTE LANDSKAP is nominated for the Brage-prize 2012 for best non-fiction title. The winners will be announced 28th November 2012.

The Brage-jury says:

«There are authors who renew the genres they use, and Tor Eystein Øverås is perhaps our foremost critic and essayist today. With a remarkable language he wisely and pensively writes about other authors, literary texts and the meaning they generate during his reading. He plaits travels, reading and writing in an ongoing attempt to understand himself and the world around him. Øverås is an author who manages to catch his readers’ interest in subjects they thought never would engage them. His prose lingers, makes one see the literature, its relations to landscape, places and borders, in new ways.

We congratulate Tor Eystein Øverås with the nomination!