Time has come...
October 07th, 2009
Av Emma Tibblin

I've just finished 'En helt annan historia' (A completely different story) by crime writer Håkan Nesser, which is a simply brilliant crime story. Today at 1pm, Peter Englund opens the secretive door in the Swedish Academy to announce the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, which will be given to someone who writes a completely different story, than that of Nesser. Like every year, some keeps hoping the prize will be handed over to Philip Roth or Joyce Carol Oates.

Daniel Sjölin is a renowned TV-host for a literature program in Sweden and also a highly acclaimed author (he could actually become a potential recipient of the Nobel prize one day, when he is much older). Daniel recently, however, announced he would quit writing and rethorically said, with a twinkle in the eye, something like - what could he ever tell that was so important; he is a happy white guy living a good life with his family. (I don't believe he will quit writing)
When Daniel Sjölin was asked in the daily to predict who would be the winner, he said:

1. Herta Müller: she fulfills the Nobel prize criterions: combining a perfect language with an Important Message

2.Since the speculation race has become like the stock market, and are acting years in advance, the feeling you often get is: oh that old fart, he/she's been on the tapis from time immemorial, which makes me think of Ko Un.

One thing is sure, Peter Englund is very nervous and is fearing something will go wrong during his announcement.