Things that Fall from the Sky nominated for the Finlandia prize
November 06th, 2015
Things that fall from the Sky by Selja Ahava is nominated for the most prestigious Finnish literary prize, Finlandia. Stilton congratulates Selja Ahava. The winner will be announced on November 26th.

Things that fall from the Sky is a beautiful and touching story about small miracles and big losses in life. It is a story about a girl who has lost her mother, about a father who has lost his wife. It is also a story about a woman who wins the lottery jackpot twice and about a man who is hit by lightning four times. All of them are looking for an explanation for their life.

Seija Ahava’s enchanting novel combines realism and magic, fairytales and strange facts about objects falling from the sky. The end result is a touching and magical weave made out of things without words.