The Girl and the Bomb is out in the US and UK
October 01st, 2015
It's the official Metro day today! The Girl and the Bomb is out in the US and UK. The novel was published to the Kindle First readers in UK for one month ago to a grand start. In the category ”Scandinavian crime fiction” The Girl and the Bomb reached TOP 2.

"From the first chapter I was like struck by lightning by this book. I read it in few hours, couldn't go to sleep. [...] There's something Tarantino-like in Jarvela's dialogue and in a way a violence bursts out abruptly. But Jarvela's way of heating up the tension is very original. The Girl and the Bomb offers action and suspense as well as fascinating character depictions from both sides of the graffiti culture. After you have read this book you will look your familiar streets and corners in a very different way, they won't look same any more. Strong and colourful recommandation!" by Blu

"This was surprisingly good. I didn't know what to expect of a modern story about graffiti artist, but thought it would be different and therefore interesting. I was hooked within a couple of pages. The story was unusual, captivating and dragged you in leaving you unsure who was the victim, if anyone. If you fancy something quite different, but well written then read this. Young and old can benefit from this story." C. Taylor