The Friend is a unique and captivating thriller
September 08th, 2011
The Friend by Pekka Hiltunen (orig. Vilpittömästi sinun, publ. Gummerus) was launched this week in Finland. It is a fresh start to a crime fiction series called Studio series. Instead of typical kind of dark Scandinavian police realism the reader will be introduced to two heroines, Mari and Lia, who become friends. Mari claims to be able to read people's minds, and to see through them. She also has an unusual job. In a spectacular studio on the Bankside of London, a team of top professionals will use any means in their fight against a tough politician, or to prevent the exploitation of women.

"The book adds something new and refreshing to the genre of Finnish thriller writing because it is the antithesis of traditional, realistic descriptions of police work and crime." Keskisuomalainen

"I couldn't put Pekka Hiltunen's book down, reading until 2am, and had to pick it up again the following night first thing. The Finnish journalist/author gets his readers totally hooked. The storyline of this psychological thriller is exciting and very topical." Gloria

"I predict international success for this confident, unique and captivating thriller." Kaleva

"Pekka Hiltunen hooks the reader of his new thriller from the very first page. The main characters are likeable and believable, and the author's awareness of social issues shines through in his writing. The Friend is a very topical novel," Apu