The Butterfly Effect by Karin Alvtegen on the Top Ten Bestseller List in Sweden
May 03rd, 2013
The Butterfly Effect by Karin Alvtegen was released in mid-april to great critical acclaim.

'Her storytelling is smooth and effective, and the tone is beautifully melancholic when she portrays an older woman facing death, looking back and examining her life itself.'
Tidningen VI

'The Butterfly Effect is a novel written with psychological acuity and insight, in a language so melodious that you can almost hear it singing.'

'Karin Alvtegen is best known for her brilliant suspense novels with titles starting on "s", such as "Sacrifice" and "Shame". Here, there is no suspense plot, but the book is driven in its own way, since it is about people who come to a surprising turning point in life. […]
We meet three protagonists: Andreas thinks he will have an ordinary day, but is threatened with a gun to his face during a robbery. Bodil is 55 years old and learns something that makes her finally break up from her dominant and ill-tempered husband - she has not long to live. Her daughter Viktoria is looking over her high-performance life and starts therapy.
All three are suddenly seeing things they have taken for granted, and starts thinking about what is really important in life. It may sound like a cliché, but is actually rather sympathetic.
Alvtegen succeeds nicely with the different narrative voices, and the language has a strange liquidity to it.'