Ten months later
December 14th, 2009
by Tiina Kristoffersson (Stilton Finland)

When I started the Finnish branch of Stilton in March this year I had one goal: to recruit five authors to represent abroad. In my mind this goal was a tough one to reach. After all, the Finnish book market and the authors were not familiar with independent agents. My first author who trusted me as his agent was Matti Rönkä. I was so proud of getting this award-winning crime fiction author to the agency that I started to feel nervous. I knew that Emma and Jenny would support me in every possible way but still. What if I didn’t succeed? How would I then explain my failure to the authors who had shown faith in me? I called to one of my best friend who has been working with me for years. She listened to me and said: “Tiina, you’re always like that. You start something great, the you get nervous but in the end you always succeed. Don't worry.”

Yeah sure, how could she tell? Maybe this time I didn’t!

Looking back to the months that have passed, I feel great pride for the work we have done. It, of course, takes time to build up an agency but I’ve got the goals for the first year fulfilled. More than five authors have signed a contract with Stilton Finland and I’m extremely proud of each and everyone of them. We’ve met great publishers and succeeded to find perfect homes for our authors abroad. Some days ago I summarized the highlights of the year and felt satisfied. I hope the authors have enjoyed the travel so far and we promise one thing to the publishers around the world: to provide you with the best of the Scandinavian literature even next year.

We want to thank all the authors, publishers, translators, scouts, sub-agents, designers, programmers for the great meetings during the year 2009. I personally want to thank Emma, Jenny and Poa in Stilton Sweden for the support and great fun. Happy holidays to everyone!

P.S. If you wonder why you can’t reach my by the phone, the reason is simple. I am doing some diving in Thailand and even if the Nokia phones are the best in the world, they do not work under water. So if you need to reach me, please send me some e-mail.