SuperheroINE on stage
April 27th, 2012
Laura Gustafsson is the author of the play SupersankariTAR (SuperheroINE), which has recently had its first night in the Koko Teatteri theatre, Helsinki. The play is a funny, musical trip into gender-challenging heroism. It is a story about Alma Blank, the unbeaten saloon fighter of her time: the supporter of the arts, movie director and saviour of gay people. Or was she just an ordinary woman, whose fantasies we are given a fleeting glimpse into?

Helsingin Sanomat writes: "Gustafsson uses intelligent, cartoonlike dialogue that is economical and playful, yet contains hidden depths. It utilises the language of text messages and online message boards, but on occasion, it surprises with the use of beautifully poetic Finnish language. The unusual combination will prompt a smile on the lips of even the most determined sourpusses among us."