Strong debut by Asbjørn Jaklin
August 29th, 2012
«Jaklin delivers a strong debut» (Nordlys)

«Alex is a trustworthy and interesting character who I hope to have a chance to meet again.» (Nordlys)

«Black Frost» is a crime novel based on true stories from the second world war, the Balcan war and from today’s Tromsø.

Asbjørn Jaklin, journalist and bestselling non-fiction author, is out with his first novel, «Black Frost». The novel is set in Tromsø, in the north of Norway. Alex Winther is a journalist in the newspaper Nordlys. His background as an elite soldier from the Marines turns out to be useful when he is sent on his first newspaper assignment to Botn in Norland, where a man is found dead and badly abused in a barn. The scene of the crime is close to a Serbian prison camp from the war.

«Black Frost» is the first book in a new quality crime series from the North.