Selja Ahava awarded for her debut novel
June 13th, 2011
Stilton Literary Agency's new Finnish author, Selja Ahava (born in 1974),has been awarded a grant of 5,000 euros from the Laila Hirvisaari foudation for her first novel, Eksyneen muistikirja (The Diary of the Lost). The novel talks about the loss of one’s sense of self, and about the search to recover it. Justifying the award, the foundation committee described the book as being skillfully written, and as being focused on a topical subject:

“It does not try to be overtly artistic, but its intelligent layers make it unique. It is constructed like a brilliant human mind, which degenerates and then recreates itself. All of this is written in short, but vibrant, sentences.”

The annual award is given to help a proven Finnish author, at the start of their career, to write books which are moving, of high quality, and which feel authentic.