Praises for Balcony Gods
July 25th, 2010
Anja Snellman's new novel Balcony Gods was published in June. It's been a smash hit in the Finnish literature debate:

”Snellman’s new book arrives at the centre of a debate on multiculturalism. It provides a powerful angle on problems that so-called assimilation may bring. It looks at the use of power, the submission of women, and the acceptance of crimes against human rights on cultural pretences.” Keskisuomalainen

"Balcony Gods can undoubtedly be considered one of the best books in Snellman’s long career. It belongs to a minority in today’s Finnish literature, in that, instead of looking inwards and wondering how we become what we are, it looks outwards towards our evolving city, and seeks to get a handle on it." Helsingin Sanomat

"Balcony Gods, Snellman’s 19th novel, is one of her best, because it does not insist on one truth or one particular line of thought." Turun Sanomat

"Snellman manages to captivate the reader with her story.[...] (She) writes about issues which we may have only detected faint signals of so far. All of Snellman’s books operate as alarm bells within society: look here people, see what’s happening all around you." Talouselämä

"Balcony Gods is a masterpiece in Anja Snellman’s long career. [...] Snellman does not beat around the bush. She writes about honour, violence and female circumcision. While writing about these issues however, Snellman does not label every immigrant or Muslim as a violent oppressor…” Image

”The author gets the reader to question what went wrong and who is in the right. She paints a picture of Finland where immigrants fear the secular nature of everyday life, and where the native population allows its offspring to grow up alone." Kansan Uutiset

"The storyline of Balcony Gods momentarily unsettles the reader. It is wonderful and quite terrible at the same time." Me Naiset

"The Balcony Gods is shatteringly topical, unyieldingly accurate and charmingly angry. It promotes the woman's right of self-determination without resorting to preaching." Kirjasieppo/Olivia

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