Pia Juul shortlisted for yet another literary prize!
October 21st, 2009
av Emma Tibblin

During the fair, I had received an offer from a publishing house in Germany regarding 'Murder of Halland' by Pia Juul. And then came another offer, then another and then another. And I just got the message that Pia Juul's remarkable book is shortlisted for yet another literary prize, Montanas Litteraturpris (behind the prize are the Danish daily Dagbladet Information and a college) in Denmark! Six authors will be nominated for the prize which will be announced January 22nd 2010.

In mid-November, the winner of the biggest literary prize in Denmark, Den danske banks litteraturpris, will be announced, by the way, vote for Pia Juul:

Things are moving in the right direction, but then again: Pia Juul is Denmark's most original and distinctive author!