Pia Juul - winner of the biggest literature prize in Denmark
November 16th, 2009
Av Emma Tibblin

Søren Ulrik Thomsen, Juliane Preisler and Pia Juul were the three nominees for the biggest literature prize in Denmark 2009, Den Danske Banks literaturpris (The Danish Bank's literature prize). It was announced yesterday at bogforum (Danish book fair) in Copenhagen.
The day before, I had went on all seminars in which Pia Juul was talking about her book for which she had been nominated, "Murder of Halland", and I heard whispering voices next to me saying that Pia would be the winner. Then me and Pia had lunch. I knew she was pretty nervous about the announcement, not so much about who would win the prize, but because of the arrangement: since the nomination in September, readers themselves had voted for either Søren, Juliane or Pia and now, like in American Idol, the votes were to be counted.
Pia said that the nominees would be told who had received most votes right before the ceremony the next morning. So, she added, you will see on my face if I am the winner of the prize or not.
But she tricked me. On stage the next morning she looked kind of disapointed. I had also woken up to a bad dream in which Pia wouldn't, despite her many enthusiastic readers, win.
But then suddenly her sad look broke up into a bright smile!