Nymphs sold to eleven languages
January 19th, 2014
The rights of the first novel in the Nymphs book series have been sold to eleven language territories. NYMPHS - THE LEGEND OF MONTPELLIER by Sari Luhtanen & Miikko Oikkonen is an addictive novel about three women Didi, Cathy and Nadia who are all nymphs living among us. They are forever young and dangerously seductive. They need men in order to stay alive, but unfortunately they are also ever so deadly to their lovers.

Besides a great novel, NYMPHS - THE LEGEND OF MONTPELLIER is also a fantasy TV-series that has its premier in Finland in Spring 2014. The rights for the TV-series are already sold to more than 50 countries, incl. France, Germany, French-speaking Canada and Russian-speaking world.

The best way to get an idea of the book is to watch the trailer of NYMPHS - THE LEGEND OF MONTPELLIER:

More information about the novel, please contact Tiina Kristoffersson.