Matti Rönkä published in Sweden to great reviews
August 19th, 2011
Matti Rönkä's first novel Med en mördares ansikte (orig. Tappajan näköinen mies) has been launched in Sweden to rosy reviews:

“What makes this book enjoyable, rather, is the way the author breaks new ground. The way he ignores classic thriller techniques, choosing instead to borrow freely from various other genres. [...] The descriptions are tender and fragile. The budding love story between Kärppä and Marja is so far from the usual model that it becomes refreshingly romantic in all its everyday simplicity.” Dagens Bok

“The language is spare. This author has an abrupt, burlesque vein. He creates a sort of Finnish noir ambience. Matti Rönkä provides his readers with numerous surprises as he builds up his intrigue. But the book’s strongest features are its attempt to convey a portrait of contemporary society and the historical consequences of the dismantling of the Iron Curtain.” Dala-Demokraten

“Unlike so many contemporary Swedish (and Finnish, for that matter) crime writers who render Russians and other East European characters as one-dimensional villains, Rönkä creates a far more nuanced image. Even if the majority of the figures we encounter in this novel are involved in some sort of shady deals, they also have a number of favourable qualities, and Rönkä provides a complex, informative portrait of the Finnish multicultural milieu. As a crime novel, A Man with a Killer’s Face is not that fast-paced and its thriller quotient is low, notwithstanding a surprising twist at the end. There is, however, an ironic distance in the narration and a warmth in the portrayals, which serve to enliven the writing. A Man with a Killer’s Face is a hard-boiled story written in spare language tinged with humour.” Smålandsposten