Matti Rönkä listed on the pré-sélection for Le Prix Livre Europeén
August 16th, 2011
Crime fiction author Matti Rönkä is listed on the pre-selection list for Le Prix Livre Europeén (European Book Prize) with the French edition of his first novel Frontière blanche (orig. Tappajan näköinen mies, French translator: Johanna Kuningas).

Le Prix Livre Europeén is a European Union literary award established in 2007, organized by the association Esprit d'Europe. It seeks to promote European values, and to contribute to European citizens' better understanding of the European Union as a cultural entity.

Matti Rönkä has written a series of six novels all featuring the main character Viktor Kärppä. The books of Rönkä have been acknowledged especially for their humoristic language that contains a sharp societal point of view. Rönkä was awarded with the Finnish crime novel prize in 2006 as well as the German prize for crime fiction (Deutscher Krimi Preis) in 2008. Furthermore, Rönkä was awarded the Glass Key Award (Glasnyckel) in 2007.