Marko Kilpi shortlisted for the Finlandia Prize
November 12th, 2009
Crime fiction author Marko Kilpi’s Outbreak is shortlisted for the Finlandia Prize 2009, greatest literary award in Finland. Five other books are on the shortlist. In the history of the Finlandia Prize only once before has a crime fiction novel been shortlisted. The winner will be announced on December 2nd.

Outbreak is the second crime fiction novel by Marko Kilpi. His debut novel, Frozen Roses, was awarded the 2008 The Clue of the Year literary prize issued by the Finnish Whodunnit Society for crime fiction readers. Furthermore Marko Kilpi was shortlisted for the Glass Key Award (Glasnyckel) in 2009.

Outbreak starts in a local garage, where the police have found an elderly man who abuses drugged teenagers to satisfy his own perverted needs. At the same time, a small-time celebrity from the Finnish Big Brother house disappears and a bomb threat is made by members of an online newsgroup. What is it all about?

Having formerly worked in the film industry, Kilpi decided to enrol in the police academy as a mature student. As a policeman, Kilpi has found the inner author in himself: the world inhibited by Marko Kilpi, the policeman, is full of interesting anecdotes and life stories – some happy, some less so – which provide the material for his novels.

Award-winning crime fiction author, police officer Marko Kilpi tells about Olli Repo, the main character of his crime fiction novels Frozen Roses and Outbreak:

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