Lisbeth Salander won me a free table!
October 30th, 2015
Frankfurt Book Fair had a funny competition this year at the Agents' Centre. Agents could choose one of six fictional characters that best describe one's own personality. Among all the participants one agent had a chance to win a free fair table at the agents' centre for 2016. Guess who won? Yes, Stilton Finland! Guess which character I chose?

Riky at the Frankfurt Book Fair asked me to write a few lines about why I feel so connected with my "soul mate". This is what I wrote:

"I never considered myself a big fan of crime fiction until I read the first novel featuring Lisbeth Salander. I fell in love with her immediately and admire her with childish admiration. She’s so fierce and I love her kick-ass attitude. There’s no one like Lisbeth.

My friends in the publishing world complain that she’s violent and that she isn't even believable as a character. They are wrong! Sure, she’s violent and yeah, she’s a fiction figure, but so what? What I love most a about her is her silent and no-nonsense personality. She’s almost like a Finn. She's not the first one to attack and tries to stay away from trouble. But make no mistake — you do not mess with Lisbeth or her beloved ones.

My authors know that Lisbeth is my hero. One of them calls me ”Lissu”. That’s a short and friendly version of Lisbeth."

Thank you Frankfurt Book Fair!

Tiina "Lissu" Kristoffersson / Stilton Finland