Linda Olsson out with new novel!
August 11th, 2011
We congratulate Swedish author Linda Olsson to the release of her beautiful new novel Det Goda Inom Dig/The Kindness of your Nature, published by Albert Bonniers in Sweden last week.

Among many good reviews, Norrköpings Tidningar wrote:

'The Kindness of your Nature belongs to those novels that etch themselves into the consciousness of the reader. The characters are there, as living creatures that one would like to proceed following. And never before have I read about a grown-up, who, like Marion, so delicately and gently approaches a wounded child. From a proper distance she gives the little boy, offering himself to become both her child and her brother, enough space for his spiny little character, at the same time as we get to follow how he delivers her'

The English version of the novel will be published by Penguin in New Zealand and Australia in November. Linda has written both the Swedish and the English version herself. A truly remarkable achievement!