Leena Parkkinen shortlisted for the Debutant of the Year Award
October 24th, 2009
by Tiina Kristoffersson

Stilton author Leena Parkkinen is shortlisted for the Debutant of the Year Award arranged by the Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Nine other debutants are in the shortlist and the winner will be announced 18th of November.

Helsingin Sanomat praised Leena Parkkinen’s debut novel AFTER YOU, MAX:
”Leena Parkkinen’s debut is an event. Parkkinen describes the experience of otherness as potently as any author could. A brilliant performance. Heady lightness slides into foundering weight and beauty becomes a ticket to perdition, in the manner of that other depictor of that era, F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

AFTER YOU, MAX is a story about brothers Max and Isaac who are born in Germany 1899. Max and Isaac, are Siamese twins joined at the hip. They are given to their mother’s sister to bring up, and the aunt decides, under pressure from a gentleman friend, to sell the twins to a circus so that they can become artists. In the circus, Max and Isaac meet other grotesque misfits of nature and realise that they are respected artists that people are happy to pay and see. The colourful story takes the brothers from the circus via a Parisian cabaret and the backrooms of bordellos towards North, and Helsinki, where they meet a charming but totally immoral Iris. Iris is a woman that men worship and women hate. Iris, kept by her husband, is a divine creature who does not shy away from using men whilst seeking her own fortune. The teller of the story, Isaac, falls madly in love with Iris.

We are thrilled!

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