Great reviews for Torsten Pettersson in Denmark
October 04th, 2012
”Torsten Petterson, who is a professor of literature and a poet, has written an extremely interesting and terrifying cross-genre detective novel that is quite unlike any other of its kind. It is, for the most part, built on fragmented journal passages, taped interrogations, and tragic narrations told in many voices. Together, they are woven into a grim tapestry that portrays a chilly and claustrophobic Swedish-speaking community in Finland, caught between Sweden and Russia. 'Giv mig dine øjne' is tremendously well-written.” Politiken

”This story has one of the most original and brilliant plots imaginable. 'Giv mig dine øjne' is a sophisticated detective novel that becomes the more disquieting, the deeper the detectives delve into the case. An outstanding and original psychological detective novel.” Krimi Cirklen

”'Giv mig dine øjne' is, in many ways, quite unlike other detective novels. It is both sophisticated and subtle, and it presents the voices, lives, and faces of the good as well as the wicked. The novel is one huge puzzle, and each piece has to fall into place before the big picture emerges. Being harsh and bloody, 'Giv mig dine øjne' is a disquieting narrative but it is, at the same time, also meditative, lyrical, and thrilling.” Litteratursiden