Great reviews for In der Falle by Marko Leino
March 20th, 2012
In der Falle (The Trap) by Marko Leino has been published in Germany by Zsolnay/Hanser.

"Once you've grown accustomed to the tongue-twisting Finnish names and the numerous characters in the cast, the book becomes an addictive pleasure. Leino switches from one protagonist to the next and shows that there is no escape from the underworld. Leino's story avoids the standard clichés and never drifts into mawkish pathos." MD (WAZ)

"With great empathy and rather spiky wit, Leino brings a group of deep, and in many aspects tangible, characters face to face with walking clichés, such as a Serbian war criminal and thug; he immerses himself in the plot's diverse milieus and and manages to create a straightforward yet multi-layered story. An absolutely cracking book." Frank Rumpel (

"Marko Leino makes use of all these [Finnish] elements, with virtuosity and black humour - and crucially, he continually creates new pitfalls so that one rogue after the next meets a conclusive end. [...] An interesting discovery for the German-speaking world." Ingeborg Sperl ( / DER STANDARD, Printausgabe, 4./5.2.2012)