Great German reviews for Red Nose Day by Mikko Rimminen
April 09th, 2013
Harburger Anzeigen und Nachrichten, 30.01.2013
"Finnish author Mikko Rimmine's 'Red Nose Day' is a novel about loneliness and about finding the courage to liberate oneself from it. A work of wonderful humanity and humour."

Claudia Chwialkowski, Stader Tageblatt, 04.02.2013
"The underlying idea behind 'Red Nose Day' is refreshingly different and quirky … which is a characteristic of both Rimminen the author, and of his writing style."

Bielefelder Illustrierte, Februar 2013
"A charming, witty, strange, and above all a very human, compassionate novel."

Katharina Granzin, die tageszeitung, 26.01.2013
"In his prize-winning third novel, Finnish author Mikko Rimminen tells the story of a woman who confronts the perils of loneliness with inventiveness and resolute optimism … Rimminen's tale pieces together an affectionate cabinet of curiosities which draws parallels to the film world of Aki Kaurismäki."

Susann Fleischer,, 21.01.2013
"This book is a literary jewel, providing exciting and amusing entertainment that will move its readers to both laughter and tears. 'Red Nose Day' is a breathtaking emotional rollercoaster … which captivates the reader right up to the last page."

Mareike Ilsemann, WDR 5, Bücher, 12.01.2013
"Mikko Rimminen's 'Red Nose Day' is an ode to the normal, everyday people from the Helsinki region … He manages to combine comedy with melancholy and humanity in such a way that one almost feels as if in a Kaurismäki film. A heart-warming Finnish novel that won Rimminen the 2010 Finlandia Literature Prize."

Stefan Sprang, hr1-Buchtipp , 02.01.2013
"Without resorting to emotional theatrics, Rimminen depicts a cast of characters who live on the less sunny side of life. And with great empathy and charm, he describes what can be achieved with a little compassion and solidarity. All in all an often moving, genuinely delightful book ..."

Maxi, Februar 2013
"The heroine of this novel will immediately win the hearts of its readers ..."

Christian Döring
"The author describes the desperate struggle of a woman to find friends … a quiet book, but one with great depth."