Great German reviews for Die alte Dame, die ihren Hut nahm und untertauchte
November 03rd, 2014
Die alte Dame, die ihren Hut nahm und untertauchte (West of Galtby) by Leena Parkkinen was published in German a couple of months ago. The German reviews are fantastic!

"A wonderfully entertaining novel that readers will love for its wit and wisdom. "
Donna, edition 10/2014

"Leena Parkkinen has written a lively, spirited novel about two strong women and their incredible friendship [...] fantastic scenes, fabulous dialogue!“
Maxi, edition 9/2014

"An older woman, a pregnant teenager, a light-blue vintage car and a murder 65 years in the past – add up to what? Finland's most turbulent and wonderful novel about friendship!"
Grazia, edition 40/2014

" … a very readable story […] the journey of two unusual female protagonists, a voyage back in time and a complex family history." Die Presse am Sonntag 5.10.14

"A road trip brimming with charm, and with a gripping finale." Kleine Zeitung 5.10.14

"Leena Parkkinen is one of the leading lights in the new generation of Finnish writers. In her exhilarating road novel "West of Galtby" she makes an 83-year-old woman the heroin of the story. [...] realized in a very original, fresh style." Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 2/3.10.14

"A fantastic novel filled with humanity and plenty of excitement and drama. The interplay between the two protagonists – who could not be more different from one another – is brilliantly conceived. A joy to read, from the opening page to the very last." Ruhr Nachrichten/Dortmunder Zeitung 25.8.14

"The Finnish author Leena Parkkinen has managed to pack a lot of humour into her latest novel – but also plenty of emotion. […] "West of Galtby" is a story that you simply can't help falling in love with." 25.8.14

"A fabulous road movie in book form!“ Ostfriesen Zeitung 29.8.14

The novel was translated from Finnish to German by Peter Uhlmann.