Goldheart shortlisted for the Finlandia Prize
November 14th, 2014
Goldheart by Anni Kytömäki is shortlisted for the prestigious Finlandia Prize. Five other novels are on the shortlist. The prize of EUR 30,000 will be awarded on 27 November 2014.

Goldheart is Kytömäki's debut novel and it was published by Gummerus in March 2014. Translation rights of the novel are handled by Stilton Literary Agency.

The prize jury gave the following reason for the nomination:

”Anni Kytömäki’s Goldheart is a sincere celebration of the forest and of untouched nature. Anni Kytömäki has developed a beautiful, engaging style of prose, which brings the forest before the reader’s eyes with all its vibrancy. Her precisely crafted narrative has little dialogue, largely interpreting the lead character’s mental landscape through changes in nature. This novel is a tale of three generations from 1903 to 1937, but above all it is the heartbreaking love story of the father, Erik, and the daughter, Malla. Uniquely among portrayals of the Finnish Civil War, the novel describes the lives of people like Erik, who supported neither side and merely wanted to live their lives in peace. As a reading experience, Goldheart is overwhelming, yet at the same time serene and peaceful due to its descriptions of nature. It does not end when you reach the last page, but rather leaves its mark upon the reader – like a footprint on the moss.”