Goldheart becomes a book blog favourite
January 28th, 2015
Finnish book bloggers have selected Anni Kytömäki’s Goldheart as the Best Book of 2014. A total of 42 bloggers participated in the selection, giving votes to 51 different books. Goldheart was awarded a great majority of the votes: it was named the number one book by 16 blogs and received votes from 19 different bloggers. This is how the bloggers described the book:

“Anni Kytömäki’s novel is beautifully slow and weighty, just like an old forest. Goldheart enchants the reader; it has been written with carefully considered and well-advised words that force the reader to stop and listen to the quiet hum of the trees.” – Kirjakaapin kummitus

“It almost feels wrong to write about Goldheart and to try and describe its beauty. You must read this book yourself and draw up your own conclusions. It is impossible to experience this book – or the world itself – on behalf of another person.” – Eniten minua kiinnostaa tie

Goldheart, which I read at the very end of last year, became a title among the best books I have ever read. After finishing it, I wanted to tell everyone about it, but in the same time, I felt a stronger urge to keep this magnificent reading experience all to myself.” – Kujerruksia