Denmark loves Alexandra Salmela!
September 14th, 2012
Alexandra Salmela's debut novel 27 or Death Makes an Artist has been published to great reviews in Denmark by Gyldendal:

” the novel, Angie constantly makes life difficult for herself by being too ambitious, but where she fails, Salmela succeeds brilliantly. What a flair for narrative, what a musical ability to change the voice of narration in each and every one of the short chapters, what a sense of humour and sensitivity to suffering. […] a marvellous book, which, at the same time, is a Künstlerroman, a comedy, and a tragedy.” Berlingske

”In many places, this prize-winning debutant writes with unquestionable brilliance, juggling skilfully between different narrators. The omniscient cat Kassandra is absolutely delightful, and you find yourself arching your back on the sofa at her hissing cynicism, as she reveals the hypocrisy of humans.” Ekstra Bladet

”Alexandra Salmela playfully mixes literary genres, shifting between razor-sharp dialogue, naïve fairy tales, ironical observations, and satirical portraits. And every inch of the novel is steeped in a keen sense for the comical.” Jyllands Posten

”…Alexandra Salmela’s sense of humour permeates the whole text. It cannot be located in any particular choice of words or any single sentence, but instead is to be found in the undercurrent of self-irony, satire, and social criticism. Her talent is indisputable.” Weekendavisen