Books featured for the first time at Cannes Film Festival
May 10th, 2011
The Cannes Film Festival, starting on Wednesday, will for the first time in its history welcome books through its doors. The book event is organised by the “Best-seller to Box-office” organisation, which will open a separate pavilion in the festival where literary agents and publishers can meet international film producers.

The intention is to acquaint film producers with stories which have already been published as books, but which would also be suitable for the big screen. Stilton Literary Agency will participate in the pavilion on the strength of several Finnish novels.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to appear at Cannes, which is one of the most respected film festivals globally. The world of stories knows no boundaries, and the interest in book-based films continues to grow," explains Tiina Kristofersson, representative of Stilton Literary Agency.

Stilton Literary Agency will introduce the following books at Cannes:
Risto Isomäki: God's Little Finger (Tammi)
Marko Leino: The Trap (Tammi)
Sami Parkkinen: The Red Whirl (Gummerus)
Torsten Petterson: Ge mig dina ögon (Söderströms)
Anja Snellman: The Pet Shop Girls (Otava)

The Literary Adaptation Pavilion is located at:
Best-seller to Box-office Literary Adaptation Pavilion, Pantiero International Village, pavilion 214. The pavilion is open every day during the festival from 10:00-19:00. Stilton Literary Agency will be present from 13-15 May 2011.