Balcony Gods
June 14th, 2010
By Tiina Kristoffersson

Anja Snellman's 19th novel, Balcony Gods was released last week. Her novels ted to create passionate debate, also this time. Snellman’s poetic and provoking language both seduces and shakes her readers. She is not afraid to prod into the holiest of patriarchies in her defence of a woman’s right to decide her own sexuality.

Turun Sanomat writes:
"Anja Snellman prefers not to remain isolated in an ivory tower, writing books that are alien to the outside world; instead, she writes about genuine things happening in the real world.

Typical of all of Snellman’s books, this book also has a brave and topical subject that has already generated plenty of public debate. The framework of the book is women’s status in Islam, which is looked at in the context of the story of Muslim immigrants, who are having to adopt the expressions and phenomena of a western capitalistic way of life.

The basic set up of the novel is not black-and-white; it is not a case of opposites, nor does it develop into a battle of for-or-against. Snellman might have resorted to any one of these ways of handling the subject, but her experience and multidimensional way of thinking take readers to a new place and leave them with several questions to ponder. "

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