Author Pekka Hiltunen awarded the Clew of the Year Prize for 2012
February 10th, 2012
The Finnish Whodunnit Society awarded the Clew of the Year prize to Pekka Hiltunen for his novel The Friend. The prize is awarded annually for the most notable act within the genre during the previous year.

The jury, having read over 70 crime novels and thrillers, describe their decision:

“Pekka Hiltunen’s debut novel The Friend is a cleverly paced, intensive, tense psycho-thriller. The book creates a new, high standard for cerebral entertainment. The novel is food for both thought and for the feelings. Though the narrative dwells on human trafficking in Europe, political populism and the hard culture of working life these days, the author does not moralise.

With his debut novel, Hiltunen takes his place among the whodunnit authors that write about ordinary people solving crimes. Hiltunen’s protagonists Lia and Mari, two Finnish women living in London, take the reader on a journey through the contemporary world.

The book opens with Lia seeing a murdered body. The sight of it stays with her. Soon Lia meets Mari, who through questionable means tackles injustice. Thus the narrative sets the question of whether the end justifies the means. Besides moral questions, the novel dwells on modern people’s sense of alienation, with elements of a growth story.”

Pekka Hiltunen (b. 1966) is an author and journalist living in Helsinki. He works as a managing editor at the Image magazine. Hiltunen’s debut novel The Friend is the first of a series of books set in London. Hiltunen was nominated for the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for debut novelists, and was awarded the Kaarle Prize for 2012. He was also awarded the Writing Editor prize for 2010.