Author Joonas Konstig Awarded Kalle Päätalo Prize
January 30th, 2012
Author Joonas Konstig has been awarded the Kalle Päätalo Prize for his novel All is Said. The Prize is worth 3000 euros.

With the Kalle Päätalo Prize, Gummerus Publishers wishes to support exceptionally talented young writers according to the wishes of legendary author Kalle Päätalo. The Prize was first awarded in 1990, and is now being awarded for the seventh time.

Joonas Konstig’s novel All is Said is a tense and uncompromising story about three siblings who each in their own way try to pull through their father’s early death. The narrative manages to perfectly capture the delusions of grandeur, the uncertainty and the defiance of youth. Through astute observations and skilful dialogue, Konstig provides a book that expands from little details to provide a panoramic view on the youth of the second millennium.

“A promising debut is sometimes followed by an overly wound up intermediate work, sometimes a pretentious artsy novel. And sometimes by nothing but silence. And then there are some like this, where after a successful opener the real piece opens up, sung in a full-throated voice, rich and eloquent. Joonas Konstig’s All is Said gloriously exceeds the ample promise that his aptly named debut, The Greedy and the Innocent’, showed three years ago.”
– Parnasso

Joonas Konstig (b. 1977) is a writer and Finnish teacher from Helsinki. He came second in the Martti Joenpolvi Short Story Contest in 2008. Konstig’s first book, the short story anthology Ahneet ja viattomat, was nominated for the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for debut novels.
Kaikki on sanottu is his second book.