Anja Snellman’s Balcony Gods to be published in Arabic
August 13th, 2012
The Arabic translation rights of Anja Snellman’s novel Balcony Gods have been sold to the Syrian Dar Al Hiwar publishing house. The novel was published in 2010 in Finland and it tells a story of a Somali girl Anis, who dreams of the Western way of life, and of a Finnish woman called Alla, who looks for shelter in Islam. The novel depicts the collision of world views and Snellman, as an author, is not afraid to poke at the holy core of Patriarchalism as she defends the rights of women and girls in controlling their own sexuality.

Snellman rose to fame over thirty years ago following the publication of her debut novel, Sonja O. Was Here. In many of her novels, Snellman has dealt with the role of women, the awakening sexuality of teenage girls, as well as the gender-specific repression mechanisms of religious and ideological fundamentalism.