A Probable Story by Karin Alvtegen
June 16th, 2010
Av Emma Tibblin

Karin Alvtegen's new novel En sannolik historia (A Probable Story) comes
out on August 18 and Karin is busy with interviews. There is, to put
it mildly, a general wish to see a new book by Karin. This, and the
fact that her new book marks a departure from the crime genre, makes
her even more special. Given the success the crime genre is enjoying
right now, her decision to leave her successful career as a crime
writer behind in order to write a literary novel has raised some

"I was channel-hopping one Friday evening at prime time. After only a
few minutes, I'd seen eight murders, two rapes and several cases of
assault shown for entertainment. I just felt I'd had enough", Karin
said to the press.

Her foreign publishers, some of whom have been wavering uneasily, not
knowing which genre to put Karin in - crime or something else? - are
feeling relieved.