Towards. A literary journey
How can it be that in Norway, Los Angeles feels much closer than, say, Helsinki, a city situated in our neighbourhood?

In 2002 Tor Eystein Øverås made a journey around the Baltic Sea, through all nine countries that border this sea. He started out in Bodø, his hometown and travelled for eight months, making a circle around the sea. Øverås wanted to map his world, the part of the world he was born into by visiting his neighbour countries.

Tor Eystein Øverås follows literary traces in the landscape, and traces of film and art. He visits places writers lived, places that are settings for literary works, and reflects on literature and landscape, literature and its sense of time and place, literature as collective memory, and the relationship between literature and nationality.

So much concerning literature is based on the concept of a national literature. Øverås wanted to cross borders in the Baltic region, and look for literary connections that transgresses national borders. He aims to connect the national literatures around the Baltic Sea, make them into a whole, a new literature.

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Towards. A literary journey
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