2012 Balance
He is the youngest person at the nursing home. He is writing a letter to his daughter in Cape Town, who is expecting a child. After his wife’s death, they rarely meet. A serious disease makes it impossible for him to carry his own weight. Even so, he tries to stand up.

In the day room people talk about the lukewarm dinners, bed time routines and the staff’s annoying attempts to raise the mood. The situation is almost unbearable, but gradually he learns to appreciate people around him, especially the war veteran and the former ballerina with whom he eats dinner every day. When his roommate dies and leaves the three friends a small sum of money, they decide to spend them in a spectacular way.

BALANCE is a warm, humouros and lifeaffirming novel about finding hopeeven in the bleakest of situations.

Utländska förlag:
MIC (Russia)