2010 Lionheart
At the age of fifteen he leads an army against his father. Fourteen years later he is the Pope’s obvious choice in leading the third crusade and conquering Jerusalem. His main enemy is the Muslims’ leader Saladin. But is it true that he is God’s chosen one, like his mother says? And is Saladin really the Devil himself?

Lionheart is a concentrated novel about a man living in the shadow of his own myth, a fanatic general who wants to conquer the world’s greatest sanctum and a king that is suddenly vulnerable. The novel is built on extensive research and paints a convincing literary portrait of a person that has engrossed historians, poets, novelists and readers for centuries.

Utländska förlag:
Nawafez Society (Arabia), Seagull (UK), MATCOM (Bulgaria)
Pandora (Romania), MIC (Russia), Ithaki (Turkey)