Your SUPERSTAR Brain -- The only Irreplaceable Organ
The brain makes you who you are. It enables you to communicate with other people, from simple messages to subtle use of irony. The brain gives you feelings and personality. The brains keeps memories from early childhood, it makes you able to learn new skills and knowledge. The brain makes you fall in love, and helps you interpret complex patterns and information. But the brain can also tempt you to make bad choices, and it rewards addiction.
Ph.d. Kaja Nordengen (b. 1987) is a physician specialized in neurology at Akershus University Hospital. She also teaches at University of Oslo. She did her Ph.d. in 2014: “The localisation and function of NAA, NAAG and their derivatives in the brain.” Nordengen has always been fascinated by the brain.

“Read it! It is well worth the effort.” Professor May-Britt Moser, Winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine

“Nordengen’s project is ambitious enough to disseminate what we now know about the brain in its entirety, from the innermost point of the brainstem out to the frontal and temporal lobes. […] Nordengen draws on her own experiences and patient stories when she writes about such wide-ranging topics as memory, intelligence, communication, sexuality and dependence. There is a lot to take it, but the author’s enthusiasm gives the text a momentum that takes the reader along for the ride.” Eirik Newth, Aftenposten

“A brilliant book ... Nordengen masters her subject to the fullest. She is capable of conveying her knowledge without making the reader’s brain go topsy turvy.” Fredrik Wandrup, Dagbladet

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