Apprentice of War
In the autumn of 1028, the Norwegian king is forced to flee. The Danish king, Cnut the Great, runs Olaf Haraldsson out of the country. Olaf travels east to Russia accompanied by only his most trusted men. His younger half-brother, Harald, remains at home. So does the severely injured Rane Kingsward, once the most feared of all Vikings. The old Viking teaches the stubborn young boy his weaponry skills. When the old berserker sets out on horseback from the estate, it is with Harald chained to the back of another like a slave. Thus begins a long journey for the obstinate apprentice and his unyielding master.
For Harald it is a journey that has just as big an impact on his unformed mind as the Battle of Stiklestad (1030) that makes his brother Saint Olaf. After the battle it is Harald who must flee. He is now heir apparent and in great danger.
“Apprentice of War” is the first book in a series THE LAST VIKING KING, based on Harald Hardråde’s adventurous life. In the second volume, “The Devil’s horseman” (2018) Harald goes to Konstantinopel, where he joins the imperial guardsmen as a viking warrior. According to the historic sources Harald fought 80 battles for the emperor before he returned to his home country to become king of Norway. “Imperial Mercenary” is the third volume (2020).

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