Brain Bugs
Did you know that every day 95 per cent of us experience thoughts of depression, anxiety, or compulsion? Why then are not 95 per cent of us psychiatric patients?
The answer is simple: Everyone has crazy thoughts, but not everyone believes in them. «Brain Bugs» is about those crazy thoughts. And specifically about how we can reveal them, when they try to pose as believable.
Not long ago it was a common assumption that people with mental illnesses were different from «normal» people. Recent research shows that the same brain bugs affect all os us -- just to varying degrees.
«Brain Bugs» is written in a language free of complex scientific jargon and vocabulary.
«Brain Bugs» uses funny and familar examples from daily life to replace our sense of worry with curiosity in relation to mental health.

Utländska förlag:
Gyldendal (Norway)
Alpina (Russia)
Brain Bugs