2015 Now! Seize the moment. It’s all you’ve got.
Imagine that you’re totally relaxed. No matter what happens -- stress, interruptions, irritation -- nothing seems to bother you. Your thoughts are totally focused on what you’re doing. You’re in charge of your own life and know you have the inner strength it takes to face what will come. Rather than feeling that the days disappear one by one, in a flow you don’t control, you’re able to be present in the moment with your thoughts, feelings and your senses. Here. Now.
In this book Erik Bertrand Larssen uses his own experiences, both personally and as a motivational coach, to show how we can get hold of the powerful energy of living here and now.

This third book by the best selling author completes THE BERTRAND METHOD: While the main goals in NO MERCY and HELL WEEK were to help readers perform better, NOW! is more about getting a better and more gratifying life. Even though this book is less focused on performances; achieving your goals is still important. And to have success. To have a better life and be happier.

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Don Max (Denmark), Suncolor (Taiwan), Boom (Netherlands) Mann, Ivanov, Ferber (Russia), Beijing Sky (China), Monolith (Ukraine)