2013 Hell Week. Seven Days That Will Change Your Life
Do everything you know you ought to ... in just one week!

Here are the golden rules for succeeding with Bertrand’s Hell Week:
Take action. Have fun! Establish habits of excellence.
Be an early riser and plan your day. Eat healthy and work out. Reach for great goals. Take care of the people you care about. Respect and live by your values.
Never give up. Do what you love. Work extremely hard.
Always trust yourself.

Norway’s toughest motivational coach has observed that those who plan and perform a Bertrand’s Hell Week, experience lifetime change. The feeling of satisfaction is unique, and people realize that they can endure much more than you they thought they could.

One week is bearable if you plan it well. What you learn about yourself, will make it a lot easier to achieve permanent change in your life.

Norway, J. M. Stenersen Forlag
Sweden, Bokförlaget Forum