It’s you that’s Bobby Fischer
An intriguing travel back to a summer long ago where something terrible happened ...
Håkon returns to his childhood’s town, Lillehammer, to take part in the funural of his boyhood friend, Kristoffer. He hasn’t been back for 27 years. Slowly we get to know the story of what happened that summer when he was still a boy. A girl disappeared, and something else went terribly wrong. What exactly happened? And why does he carry such a feeling of guilt?
This is the story of a reluctant confession, of a man in his forties who is forced to look back and face something that has always bothered him. Soon he discovers that things weren’t exactly as he thought they would be ...
Christer Mjåset has written an intense novel, filled with oppressed despair and a strong longing for acceptance, friendship and love. A novel where dreams have trouble breathing.

Utländska förlag:
Kagge Forlag
Smak Slowa, Poland