2012 Black frost
Northern Norway played a key role in World War II. Evil acts were committed, some to be forgotten, some to be remembered. «Black frost» is a story where crime from the past meets crime from the present – the people may have changed, the land is still the same.

Alex, a 37 years old journalist, is on his first crime assignment for the local newspaper. A male body is found hanging in a deserted barn in Nordland. The dead man has been brutally tortured. Alex arrives at the scene of the crime together with the female photographer, Tora. On his long drive across the mountain to Nordland, Alex receives a phone call from his girl friend, Vivi -- his best friend has just died in a mountaineering accident.

The police are unable to identity the dead, in the meantime Alex sees a possible connection between the brutal murder and the war cemetery nearby. Soon the traces lead him to the Balkan War of the nineties and to a prison camp for Serb war prisoners during Second World War. But first Alex has to face a painful funeral in Tromsø and the shadows of his own past.

The story then moves to Oslo in the summer of 1949. We meet Wehrmacht-colenel Reinhardt Stuckmann, who has come to take part in a top-secret military conference together with Swedish, Norwegian and other German officers. They are to make a contingency plan to prepare for a Russian invasion of Norway. But Stuckmann sails under false colours, he has his own agenda for returning to Norway. The reasons are to be found some years further back in time, at the Northern Front, summer 1941, shortly after Germany has attacked Soviet Union.

Who exactly is Reinhardt Stuckmann? Why does he conceal things? And who shares his true story?

Utländska förlag:
Vigmostad Bjørke, Norway
Suhrkamp Verlag, Germany