2009 The Ice Front. The cold war in the north
The Ice Front 1945: WW 2 was hardly over before the so-called cold war between The Soviet Union and the Western powers broke out.

Due to what Jaklin refers to as “the curse of geography”, Norway found itself in the midst of the new conflict. The Soviet Northern fleet´s only access to the Atlantic Ocean was via the waters off the Norwegian coast. The author describes the giant strategic game played by the Superpowers and how it affected Norway. The reader is given a thorough presentation of weapon technology and the activities of secret agents and intelligence services, but also of the lives of ordinary men and women. The book spans from Gary Powers and the shooting down of U-2 to how radioactive downfall from the test trials in Novaya Zemlya around 1960 contaminated the milk children drank in Finnmark.

Foreign rights: Hagen Agency

Utländska förlag:
Gyldendal, Norway
Forum, Sweden