2006 The Northern Front
Asbjørn Jaklin’s “The Northern Front” is the first overall presentation of the Second World War in the North. Hitler called it his destiny area, some would argue he was right. Northern Norway and the surrounding areas played a unique role in the world war. Hitler feared an allied invasion and insisted on maintaining large forces in the area. Churchill on the other side, tried to persuade Stalin and his allies to invade from the north.

In 1941 German troops crossed the Norwegian-Russian border, bound for Murmansk. There they were met by Russian fire, and soon The Northern Front froze to a stand still. Through most of the war the Germans and Russians battled in an impassable summer terrain and through bitterly cold winters. In 1944 Germany had 150,000 men stationed in Northern Norway. Before they retreated, they burned much of the region down to the ground.

”A well written contribution to the understanding of a part of the world war which has often been neglected, but where at least 100 000 were killed, and where the suffering, hunger and cold was extreme.”
Jens Holsøe, Politiken

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